Where to Buy

1. The Internet Ticketing Agencies

The UKs largest ticketing agency is Seetickets and its various subsites (e.g Gigsandtours). If you can find the tickets that you want still on sale here, then there is probably no reason to read on.
Ticketmaster is the worlds biggest ticket agent and just as well known as Seetickets.
There are however other less well known ticketing sites that may have tickets left when the big boys have already sold out:
A great ticketing site you really should check out…

A nice, relatively clean site, that just might sometimes be quiet when the others are all grinding to a halt.
If you know any others please post them up in the forum here.
2. Ticket Exchange Sites
The following websites provide ticket exchange services where you may be able to pick up a bargain:
A new site provide guaranteed delivery or 150% of your money back – a safer way to buy from scalpers.

Another site devoted to avoiding the ticket touts.
3. Band and Venue Websites
If may be obvious to some but have you checked out the bands official site? Sometimes they will set up their own online shop where you can buy tickets direct.
Also check out the website for the venue you are trying to book tickets for, most will be linked to the ticketing agencies but you never know until you try.
A quick Google search of the band name and “official site” or the venue name should land you in the right place.
We have whole load more info on how to buy from eBay and some price guides:
ii) eBay price watch

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